Thank you very much for your continued patronage of WQC.

It has been discovered that our product "TILLET W-Gear" is being sold on the internet such as Rakuten Mall, Amazon, and Yahoo Shopping for an amount that is significantly different from the official selling price.

We do not permit sales at prices other than the regular retail price.

Please note that all sales other than our official sales website, officially authorized retailers, and officially authorized stores are unauthorized resale products. In addition, products purchased from these unscrupulous resellers are not covered by our warranty for any reason .

In order to deliver products safely and securely to our customers, we strictly control everything from quality control, serial control, packaging to shipping conditions. We cannot be held responsible for any trouble, loss, or damage to our products purchased through unauthorized resale, so please be careful.

So far, we have confirmed cases where the product was purchased but never arrived, or the product was illegally modified and damaged. Please purchase our products from official and authorized sites and from authorized retailers.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

June 01, 2023