Q1 I would like to send it in for repair, but I would like to know the procedure.

Please fill out the necessary information and request a repair from ``Repair Request'' in your LINE official account .
Alternatively, please contact Toku Create Co., Ltd. (TEL: 044-822-0388)

Q2 How long will I have to wait after sending it in for repair before returning?

Normally, we will ship the repaired product to your specified address within one week at the most after we receive it.
Please note that the arrival date varies depending on the designated region.

Q3 Does it cost money to repair?

It depends on the nature of the failure.
Initial defects are covered by the 1-year warranty and there will be no repair costs, but any damage or defects caused by the customer may incur a charge.
First of all, we would like to check the condition of the product, so please contact us according to Q1.

Q4I would like to send it in for repair again after it has been repaired. Is that possible?

Is possible.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please request a repair again using the same procedure as in Q1.

Q5 How should I clean it after using it?

Wipe the dirt with a damp cloth or dampen the machine.
Then let it dry for a while.
When wiping off dirt, alcohol can only be used on the conductor part.
Please do not use alcohol on the machine body as it may cause the paint to peel off.

Q6 There are scratches on the machine. Can I continue using it?

This is possible if the scratches are on the handle, such as the main body of the machine.
On the other hand, if you notice any scratches or peeling on the part of the conductor that comes into direct contact with your skin, please stop using it and contact us.

Q7 I don't feel any electricity. Is this a problem?

The sensation of electricity varies depending on the moisture content and health condition of your skin.
By thoroughly hydrating your skin with lotion, serum, or beauty mask, you will feel electricity.
If you still do not experience the problem, please report it to the repair form.

Q8 I have started to notice redness on my skin.

First, stop using the product until the redness completely subsides.
The level of strength is appropriate for each person, so please lower the level from the next use.