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Do you have any of these problems ?

  • I'm concerned about the bags around my eyes...

  • Fine wrinkles have started to form around my eyes...

  • I want to enhance the effect of eye cream...

  • I want a facial beauty device that blends in with my interior...

Commitment to products

Commercial grade quality

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, we have produced products from famous manufacturers, including professional beauty equipment such as Hifu. TILLET has received high praise from the industry and professionals, and has been used in more than 1,000 beauty salons and beauty salons since its launch.


Completed in Japan from parts to assembly

Many products are assembled from overseas parts and claim to be Made in Japan, but TILLET is different. Since our founding in 1991, we have dedicated ourselves to the development of beauty equipment, and our employees, 80% of whom are engineers, are committed to making all products made in Japan, achieving our goal of being "Purely Made in Japan." We also provide reliable domestic support.


Functional and sophisticated design

With its easy-to-use silhouette and freestanding design, this product can be easily installed anywhere. It blends naturally into your room's interior and adds color to your daily beauty routine.



Product features

platinum plated

The stable special waveform of electroporation delivers beauty ingredients directly to the required areas and penetrates deeply.
To experience penetration like never before.


By passively moving your muscles,
Leads to soft and firm scalp and bare skin.


The stable special waveform of electroporation delivers beauty ingredients directly to the required areas and penetrates deeply.
To experience penetration like never before.

Development secrets

Transform your eyes in just 3 minutes

The eyes are the first impression of the face.
I kept it in my pouch while touching up my makeup before an important meeting.
A quick treatment with TILLET I-UP will give you attractive and bright eyes that will create confidence and bring out your charm to the fullest.

Regain your confidence with glowing eyes

There are no beauty devices on the market that specialize in the eyes.
It all started when we focused on a problem.
Although the eyes are the most prominent part of our face,
It is also a difficult area to care for, such as sagging, wrinkles, and dullness.
We were determined to develop products focused on eye care to help our customers regain confidence and bright smiles.

Products that inspire confidence

In development, as a beauty device to be used around the eyes, the eye area is a sensitive area.
We pursued a unique waveform to provide effective care.
We also worked on developing a shape that allows for pinpoint access to the eye area.
You can stimulate the eye area just by using the T-shaped tip.
It is possible to reach detailed areas that are difficult to reach with regular beauty equipment.

Media introduction

Many reactions on SNS

How to use the product


Instruction video




・Price: 30,800 yen (excluding tax)
・Size: H: 167.4mm W: 44mm φ18
・Weight: 120g
・Power source: 2 AAA alkaline batteries ・Warranty: 1 year free warranty ・Water resistance: IPX4 (cannot be used in the bath)
・Materials: Brass (platinum plated), aluminum A6063TD, polyacetal ・Accessories: Exclusive pouch, instruction manual ・Country of manufacture: Japan *This is the official page of the manufacturer of "TILLET". All warranties and warranties will be provided directly from the manufacturer.

TILLET I-UP(ティレット アイアップ)



高い技術力と独自のノウハウを活かし開発した「TILLET I-UP」。W-GEARでは実現できなかった目元への細やかなケアで、目元美人へ。

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