Make skin care smarter


Multi-functional facial beauty device with a cumulative total of over 70,000 units sold in the series

A new common sense for all-around beauty , from the face to the scalp

Equipped with 5 main functions and 4 sub functions in one device

Highly functional beauty gear made by WQC, which has been developing domestically produced beauty equipment for commercial and home use for over 30 years.
A professional and smart approach to caring for your skin and scalp will lead to surprising changes.

Do you have this problem ?

  • I'm starting to worry about my face line...

  • I'm concerned about my skin's firmness and age spots...

  • My hair has lost its elasticity...

  • The skin care products I have used so far are not responding...

  • I want to do full-fledged head care and skin care with one device...

  • Other companies' products are too expensive to afford...

  • I want a facial beauty device that blends in with my interior...

Commitment to products

Commercial grade quality

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, we have produced products from famous manufacturers, including professional beauty equipment such as Hifu. TILLET has received high praise from the industry and professionals, and has been used in more than 1,000 beauty salons and beauty salons since its launch.



Completed in Japan from parts to assembly

Many products are made in Japan by assembling overseas parts in Japan, but TILLET is manufactured using the ``Purely Made in Japan'' manufacturing method, in which over 80% of the parts are sourced within Japan. This allows us to provide a free 3-year warranty and speedy response.


Made in Japan

Functional and sophisticated design

With its easy-to-use silhouette and freestanding design, this product can be easily installed anywhere. It blends naturally into your room's interior and adds color to your daily beauty routine.



Product features


The stable special waveform of electroporation delivers beauty ingredients directly to the required areas and penetrates deeply. To experience penetration like never before.


By passively moving your muscles,
Leads to soft and firm scalp and bare skin.


Utilizes the repulsion of negative neon to penetrate beauty ingredients into the skin and increase its moisturizing power.

radio waves

By sending electric current to the inside of your skin, you can achieve a feeling of warmth that you can feel from the core.
Comfortably warms the scalp and bare skin with radio waves inspired by industrial technology,
Improve your circulation.

red LED

Adopts a dome-shaped lens inspired by the compound eyes of a dragonfly.
Increases brightness and brings out the high effectiveness of red LEDs.


8000 times per minute tapping vibration function.
Supports the functions of each mode.

IPX5 compliant waterproof design

Waterproof design that can be used in the bath.

Level setting

12 levels of professional level settings.
This allows adjustments to be made to suit individual experience.

Hair and skin in one device

Attachment specifications that can be used depending on the area to be cared for.

Development secrets

Let's create the next era's facial beauty device! TILLET SMART GEAR was developed with this in mind. Before it became a reality, there were unexpected hints and accidental discoveries.

32 types of papers

Based on 32 papers researched in the past and countless amounts of skin data, the effective numerical waveform is determined using AI, and the waveform of each function is reproduced under computer control.

16 specially shaped combs

It is equipped with 16 specially shaped combs that enable efficient electrical stimulation and treatment of the scalp. The comb is designed to be thinner so that it does not interfere with the hair and makes contact with the scalp easier. It can also remove static electricity from your hair and bring out its shine.

dragonfly eye lens

The powerful red LED is designed to emit light equidistant from your skin. The secret is a special reflector that prevents light from escaping, and a unique lens that mimics the eyes of a dragonfly. Its consistent design enables efficient irradiation to the skin, enhancing beauty effects.

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How to use


  • Price: 108,900 yen (tax included)
  • Size: Length 156mm x Width 56mm x Height 72.5mm
  • Weight: 180g (including battery weight)
  • Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery 7.4V/430mA
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty
  • Water resistance: Life waterproof (IPX5)
  • Materials: Main body (ABS paint finish), conductor (ABS hard trivalent chrome plating), LED lens cover (polystyrene)
  • Accessories: Charging cable (Type-C), scalp attachment, cotton ring, instruction manual (warranty)
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Manufacturer: WQC (Tokyu Create Co., Ltd.)

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Warranty period

If you register your warranty within one month of purchase, you will receive a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
The period will be extended for 2 years.

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E-mail: contact@wqc.jp
TEL: 044-822-0388